Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.10 - 1.1.11

Give yourself a gift today. Choose one self-defeating habit and permanently replace it with a self-empowering one.
 Happy New Year!

What a year it was! J

> Troubled breathing after the countdown at CentralWorld 1.1.10. Rushed to nearby Police General Hospital. >> Prognosis: It must have been something I have eaten or the poor quality of air that midnight that made BemBem and Clang worried to death. It was definitely not a good sign for the year ahead..I thought. 

>Then I had Sushi, my first boyfriend and yes… he is Japanese.

> I lost my Ipod 32GB inside CentralWorld Cinema.

>It was also the start of sacrificing not eating at McDonalds which until now I am very proud of.
>Broke up with Sushi then I met Jaspal. We started dating….
>After 5 years staying here in Bangkok , decided to change abode in Silom Area and met a friendly uber fantabulous neighbor. J

>The start of the Red Shirt demonstrations which resulted to a standstill at Bangkok Commercial District. I remember being petrified since I forgot my passport inside my locker at TrueFitness again in CentralWorld.
> Seek refuge to Ladprao thanks to Binibini for keeping me safe and sound.
> Jaspal and I got committed.

>Travelled by land to Siem Reap in Cambodia and it was one greatest moment meeting Loven, Faith and Don.

>The end of the Red Shirt Demonstration but the start of the Emergency Decree.

>The start of the rocky relationship with Jaspal.
>Met the Playful Chef that brings my sexual life into havoc.

>Settled the issues with Jaspal.
>Fall inlove to Playful Chef while having a relationship with Jaspal.

>My emotional breakdown….I cried.

>Start believing that Playful Chef was not the right guy. He was indeed my first LOVE. L

>Playful Chef surprised me with a birthday cake, my first ever birthday cake. Then I start hoping that he will love me…. yes AGAIN! (Sheer stupidity)

>Stop communicating to Playful Chef…for my peace of mind.
>Acquired Alexandria…my precious treasure. J

>Officially broke and stop communicating to Jaspal.
>Emergency Decree lifted.
>Wonderful and blasting moment at Koh Samed.
>Won GOLD..literally and figuratively.

2010 has established myself as Mr. Handyman (thanks to Playful chef)…Mr. NiceGuy (thanks to Jaspal) but above all the labels … I am a positive free spirited guy who has embraced LOVE …shared HAPPINESS and of course surpassed the tribulations.

2011...I love! It will definitely be a great year ahead because this is MY YEAR! :) 


  1. Bongga man ang taon ng bayot uy. Masalimuot minsan. May halong pulitika. At walang humpay na ganda, alindog, at ligaya, with a dash of naughtiness for good measure. A lot of things to look forward to in 2011 nga. More amor, amor, amor nang bonggang bongga, dahling.

  2. very nice documentation...may you have an even more promising 2011 because you deserve to be happy. Just lessen down the playfulness if you are already committed. Ok mai?

    Jessica Campbell

  3. *hugs*

    (At hndi ako kasama sa April...aber? chos!)